Geelong Design Week is a 10-day community event celebrating Geelong’s global recognition as Australia’s only UNESCO Creative City of Design.

Geelong Design Week returns 17-27 March, with the theme taur which means ‘belonging’ in the language of the Wadawurrung, Traditional Owners of Djilang (Geelong).

The event will showcase how design can respond to our need to belong, how we are creating places and spaces accessible to all, and how staying connected keeps us safe and promotes a better quality of life. In Wadawurrung language, we are one with our country, we are all connected.

About Geelong Design Week

A successful 22-event partnership in 2019 with the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Design Week program, progressed to become a stand-alone event in 2020 with more than 80 events. However Covid-19 forced the cancellation of this program.

In 2021, Geelong Design Week returned with the theme ‘Unpredictable’ and attracted more than 6000 people who were inspired, challenged and delighted by events showcasing local design and creativity.

More than 50 local designers, artists, innovators, schools and community groups hosted events across the 2021 program, which included Rone’s major exhibition at Geelong Gallery. Read the full report here.

The new Open Studios Trail was another highlight of the event, with more than 800 people following the trail to discover 15 local artists in studios and creative venues across the Bellarine Peninsula.

Almost a third of the 2021 audience came from outside Greater Geelong, demonstrating potential for Geelong Design Week to become a flagship destination event for the region.

In 2022, a sense of belonging is more important than ever, from the environment in which we live, to our inherent desire to be an important part of something greater than ourselves.

This desire to belong is what inspired us to choose taur as the theme for Geelong Design Week 2022. Belonging is our emotional need to be accepted, it gives us purpose and is an essential ingredient to our satisfaction, identity, happiness, health, and longevity.

Belonging exists in everything we do, from our early years, to our home life, work, and education. How we connect with people, the environment around us and the things we encounter in everyday life helps shape new adaptations, opportunities, and challenges.

With more than 60 events presented by talented and dedicated designers, artists, organisations, and community groups, we look forward to building a more resilient, more sustainable, and more creative future for our community where everyone belongs.

2022 feature artist Deanne Gilson

‘Yalik Beek Murrup’
Collection National Wool Museum

Deanne Gilson is a proud Wadawurrung woman and an emerging elder from Ballarat, in Regional Victoria. An award-winning visual artist with thirty-five years’ experience, in painting, fabric design (Kulin Seasons), clay, sculpture (public art), film and photography.

Deanne’s stunning ‘Yalik Beek Murrup’ artwork, meaning Water, Country, Spirit, artwork incorporates the traditional mark of the wave pattern (often found on wooden shields) used by Deanne’s ancestors, along with the basalt plains across Wadawurrung Country.

Geelong Design Week 2021 image gallery

Geelong Design Week 2021