Aboriginal designers and design scapes

Thu 19 March, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Presented By:
Peter Farmer Designs
Barwon Water, 55-67 Ryrie St, Geelong

Renowned indigenous artist Peter Farmer brings public space to life through his contemporary visual artworks that promote the deep connectedness his people have to the natural environment.

Aboriginal designers and design scapes showcasing Aboriginal creative’s visual stories.

The worlds’ scientists confirm, Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest continuous culture on the planet. “Doing it differently” being the theme is an apt one for this event. Aboriginal content in design scapes is uncharted for the wider communities; as cultural protocols must be adhered to. How is this achieved successfully when the wider hasn’t conversed with local Aboriginal communities around any of the tougher issues directly impacted by colonial traumas such as dispossession and disconnections. Aboriginal creatives begin sharing stories visually, helping the wider understand the connectedness to country and how we cared for and thrived in an unforgiving landscape.

This event is a condensed journey over more than two decades of how we sought to build bridges and break down barriers to create a niche market for Aboriginal creatives to enhance design briefs in the public arts space; and be more contemporary and innovative than all others!

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