Webinar – Accessible design: documents to meet everyone’s needs

Fri 20 March, 10:00am - 11:00am
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LB Learning Solutions
Zoom online webinar

Free online webinar for people who use Word, PowerPoint, PDF or eLearning software.

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This event is presented by Lyndal Box, Dr Dianne Ashworth and Tim Lucas.

Today, and in the future, we expect communication to be more personalised. This event is about “doing it differently” to improve how people access Word, PowerPoint, PDF or eLearning.

Learn about accessible document design. We explain what Assistive Technology is and how a screen reader is used. Then we look at ways to make your documents differently so they will be more inclusive for all users. Ask us questions and find out how to improve user experience for the documents you make.

What to expect:

  • Experts – our facilitators are experienced in their fields (learning designer, JAWS screen reader user, software specialist) and will answer your questions about designing accessible documents.
  • Demonstration – Dr Dianne Ashworth is an experienced JAWS screen reader user. She will demonstrate how she accesses websites and documents using JAWS software so you can see and hear how a screen reader works.
  • Learn what to avoid – there is more to document design than making things visually pleasing. Sometimes documents that look good may not readable by everyone. We will explain why.
  • Get some tips – find out what you can do to improve the documents you make. We will provide some tips and useful links to other resources.

View the webinar live using your phone, your laptop, your desktop computer, or a tablet, from anywhere you like, as long as you have access to the internet.

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