Designed For Action: a Collective Response to Covid-19

Multi-day event from Thu 18 March. Details below
Presented By:
Tonya Meyrick & Dr. Russell Kennedy, in conjunction with Creative Geelong
The Third Space Gallery + Digital. 132 Little Malop St, Geelong & The Project Space Gallery, Cnr Cunningham St and Western Beach Rd, Geelong
Event Type:
Event Topic:
Art, craft, fashion, visual communications and multimedia
  • Thu 18 March, 12am - 12am
  • Fri 19 March, 12am - 12am
  • Sat 20 March, 12am - 12am
  • Sun 21 March, 12am - 12am
  • Mon 22 March, 12am - 12am
  • Tue 23 March, 12am - 12am
  • Wed 24 March, 12am - 12am
  • Thu 25 March, 12am - 12am
  • Fri 26 March, 12am - 12am
  • Sat 27 March, 12am - 12am
  • Sun 28 March, 12am - 12am

How can design be used to share global experiences as they relate to life in a pandemic? This exhibition explores how the collective actions of communication designers around the world use design to communicate important and unifying messages.

Designed For Action: a Collective Response to Covid-19 presents a significant body of work from over 50 countries that engages this broad cultural debate revealing design artefacts for new audiences in Geelong, a UNESCO City of Design. Initiated by the United Nations in 2020, the exhibition centres on fostering constructive change by sharing outputs of visibly engaging and informative design artefacts.

The Third Space Gallery + Digital and The Project Space Gallery can both be accessed 24hrs. The galleries are located on the street, front facing.