Earthed Not Wired

Sat 21 March, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Presented By:
The School of Lost Arts
The School of Lost Arts, 221 Noble St, Newtown

We live at a time of ecological crisis. Changing how we think about the nature/human interface in the urban context is vital. Biophilic design offers real solutions through harnessing the patterns of nature we innately process and that shape our response physically and mentally to the sense of place.

Connecting nature to our lives. Biophilic design in urban environments.

Explore biophilia and its design connections from leaders in design, urban farming, art, architecture, urban and landscape planning.

Earthed Not Wired is a one-day examination of the importance of our deep connection and affinity to the natural world.

Participants will learn why cities around the world are adopting biophilic principles into the design of their homes, workplaces and our urban environment.

Earthed Not Wired features practical design workshops, installations and panel discussions that will examine new ways to thrive in our urban environment.

Participants may choose to take part in workshops and talks across the day or come and go, taking part in specific sessions that are of interest.

$10 + workshop materials

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