Re-retail: how consuming can be more sustainable

Fri 20 March, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Presented By:
The Reimaginarium
The Hangar, Surf Coast Hwy, Armstrong Creek

How can retail be used to improve our sustainability? Join a discussion about what a sustainable retail space in Geelong might look like.

Using retail to help our transition to a sustainable future.

Can we use retail to improve our sustainability? Can reclaimed and repurposed goods be as desirable and functional as new?

Join us in a discussion on what a sustainable retail space might look like, and how we might be able to make one happen in Geelong.

We can’t keep consuming to the degree we currently do, and after 50 years of campaigning and education we can’t change people’s consumption patterns, so what’s left? How about changing the retail landscape? If there was a sustainable shopping destination, where everything sold offers the absolute minimum environmental impact in a format that is just as convenient as a conventional shopping, can we change people’s impact without changing their habits?

Visit an example of what such a space could look like as we will discuss how to achieve this dream together by doing retail and sustainability differently.

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Wheelchair accessible venue

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