Social Cultural Economic X Design

Tue 24 March, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Presented By:
Geelong Design Collective
Ivy Street, Federal Mills Park, East 11, 33 Mackey St, North Geelong

Hear from three design professionals about their experiences of international practice and how different choices and career trajectories enriched their personal and professional experiences.

Global creatives share why they call Geelong home.

With the focus on gaining valuable insight into life choices we address this year’s theme in a holistic and valuable way to both champion and celebrate the essence of doing it differently. This event enables the Geelong design community to hear industry practitioners’ perspectives highlighting how different choices and career trajectories can enrich personal and professional experiences. Considering global pathways that lead home to Geelong, allows our local community to understand the variety of opportunities design as a profession offers.

Three practitioners share how they integrate personal ideals as global citizens with their roles as creative/design professionals in the Geelong region. We discuss the social, cultural and economic impacts and affects that international practice and experiences have on our local communities and why many of us return to Geelong.

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Wheelchair accessible venue

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