Geelong Library and Heritage Centre

The Geelong Library and Heritage Centre is an internationally award-winning designed community space offering the Geelong community a place of rest, information sharing, gathering and education.

The new dome shaped structure replaces the original library and was designed by ARM Architecture, and built by Kane Constructions in 2016.

Libraries are increasingly seen as the third place, with the first two being home and work. For this reason, the designers created a purpose built open space along the ground and first floors. Noisy, active areas, they invite people to meet, talk, play music, drink coffee and use multi media.

Sustainable design

The building is true example of sustainable design with environmentally sensitive design initiatives and a five star Green Star rating. Features include a displacement air system and in slab floor heating. Both minimise energy costs.

A quarter of the lower ground floor is devoted to water collection and grey water treatment. The building is powered by a large solar array installed on the roof of the Peace Memorial next door.

The tessellated, mosaic-like irregular tiles and structural glazing assist the solar load on the western facade. And local contractors were used for 80 per cent of goods and services of the building during construction, including in significant finishes.

Visit the ARM Architecture site for more information