Inspiring sustainable living through planning and design

Clever design can influence everything in our environment.

Geelong – UNESCO City of Design Business Champion, Ben Shaw Permaculture proves that. 

Combining his passion for sustainable living and permaculture has allowed Ben to build a successful business – literally in his own backyard in suburban Geelong. 

And it’s all thanks to clever design.

Permaculture is an approach to landscape design that replicates nature’s own patterns and relationships – often to produce food.

A thriving natural oasis, Ben’s garden features more than 100 plants, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and chickens strategically placed to create an ecosystem where each element contributes to its surrounding environment. 

Benefits from this approach include extra shade in summer and more light in winter, as well as a diverse and healthy system with insects, plants and animals complementing one another.

Ben Shaw Permaculture helps people to design their own sustainable, edible gardens in urban yard spaces of all sizes.

He also invites people into his own garden to showcase how clever design allows urban environments and natural spaces to thrive together.

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