Geelong Design Week

Geelong’s design-driven future will be showcased at Geelong Design Week 2020 with the theme ‘Doing it differently’.

We are all designers in our own way. Each of us has an intrinsic design connection that gives structure to how we live, work and play.

Geelong is Australia’s first UNESCO City of Design, an evolving, dynamic city with a deep sense of place and a strong industrial past. We embrace change to build a Clever and Creative future. 

Geelong Design Week 2020 will host workshops, open houses, talks, tours and exhibitions to explore new ideas, challenge what is possible and showcase our design achievements. Come and discover our vitality and character – the core of what we do differently.

Geelong Design Week will bring business and community together across a 10 day program of events that celebrates the best ideas, innovations and designs in:

  • Technology, innovation and manufacturing
  • Culture and heritage
  • Social and community services
  • Architecture, landscape and built environment
  • Learning, knowledge and research
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Food and gastronomy
  • Art, craft, visual communication and multimedia

Through debate, learning, exchange and collaborations, Geelong Design Week will be a forum for the community to experience the design initiatives, stories, talents and projects that exist in our clever and creative city-region.

Key Dates

Stage 1

Host information sessions

Monday 19 August 2019 CLOSED
Tuesday 20 August 2019CLOSED
Applications open 20 August 2019
Applications close 30 September 2019 – CLOSED

Stage 2

Feedback and selection process 30 September – 31 October

*During this stage, the curatorial group will review all applications. Applicants may be contacted to discuss their event in more detail. The curatorial group may provide feedback and suggestions for your event as part of this process. To manage the program calendar, the group may recommend an alternative date or time to ensure events do not overlap or clash with similar events.

Stage 3

Successful applicants notified Early November 2019
Final program content due* 22 November 2019

*Following 31 October, successful applicants will have an opportunity to finalise their event including date, time, venue, event description and ticketing. Event hosts will be asked to review their content prior to the program launch on 1 February 2020.

Stage 4

Official program releasedFebruary 2020
Final event host briefing Early-mid March 2020
Geelong Design Week launch event TBC

The Application Process

Applications for Geelong Design Week 2020 have now closed.

All applications will be peer reviewed by the Geelong Design Week (GDW) Curatorial Working Group.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to the theme “Doing it Differently”
  2. The event must be held between 19 and 29 March 2020
  3. Be open to all members of the public to attend
  4. Support and build awareness of Geelong’s UNESCO City of Design designation
  5. Celebrates and showcases design and creativity
  6. The capacity, skills and resources to deliver a high quality event