2023 Geelong Design Week Event Report

19-29 October, 2023
Geelong, various locations

Geelong Design Week 2023, 19 – 29 October

In October 2023, the City of Greater Geelong hosted Geelong Design Week, presenting an engaging 11-day celebration of creativity, innovation, and outstanding design. This event highlighted how design can positively impact both our urban environment and personal experiences, featuring a diverse array of 50 exhibitions, talks, workshops, and immersive activities. Ranging from stimulating conversations to hands-on workshops and captivating exhibitions, Geelong Design Week catered to a broad audience, offering enriching experiences for all. Geelong Design Week underscored the transformative potential of design, serving as a catalyst for creativity and innovation within the community. Through the 2023 Geelong Design Week Event Report, readers gain insight into the event’s overarching themes and its impact on fostering a culture of design excellence and design collaboration in Geelong.

Highlights of the 2023 Geelong Design Week Event Report include a surge of attendance by 172% to 17,288 in 2023, from 6,343 in the previous year with 26% of participants from the Melbourne Metro area and 6% of attendees from Regional Victoria, emphasising the event’s regional appeal as well as 1% of attendees travelling from interstate. Geelong Design Week 2023 championed local designers’ work and featured historic product design achievements such as the Ford ute and the fridge, product designs that have made an impact on peoples’ lives globally – with the design originating right here in Geelong.

The annual Geelong Design Week is a celebration of Geelong’s global recognition as a UNESCO City of Design. It acknowledges our commitment to use design and creativity to build a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive community.

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Program highlights:

The Dell Eco Reef Snorkelling Tour
Architecture Hub at Customs House
Your Geelong Family Workshop