Design City

On the 31st October 2017 the City of Greater Geelong was notified that our application to become a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) was successful, and that we were designated a City of Design.

There are currently 180 members of the UCCN each having a designation in one of seven subnetworks –  Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Media arts, Music, Craft and folk.

Geelong is Australia’s first (and only) city of design and it is the only non-capital to have UCCN designation. Other Australian members of UCCN are Melbourne (Literature), Sydney (Film) and Adelaide (Music).

Being a member of the network will benefit our community as we use it to form relationships to recognise, create and act on opportunities; share information; and seek partners for projects. We’ll build our capability to use design thinking to improve our industrial and commercial activities, our urban form and our liveability.

Being recognised as Australia’s City of Design, places Geelong alongside other global cities to open opportunities to further develop Greater Geelong’s international reputation as a world-class city region. This will provide Geelong with opportunities for further economic and cultural growth.

How we can utilise the UNESCO Creative Cities Network to benefit Geelong

  • Improve Greater Geelong’s liveability by encouraging policy that supports design thinking, which transforms the community’s vision aspirations into reality. This will be achieved by drawing on the international network of practitioners to share best practice, help solve problems and pursue funding.
  • Strengthen Greater Geelong’s international profile and leadership by providing visibility for our innovative policies, strategies and activities towards design thinking and sustainable urban development.
  • Increase Greater Geelong’s regional and international attractiveness to economic investors and stakeholders, skilled design professionals or visitors, and facilitate the financial resources from the public and private sectors.
  • Network with fellow Creative Cities Network members through joint events and common projects, knowledge sharing and creative partnerships.
  • Build momentum around Greater Geelong’s design capability by putting the spotlight on design thinking as a driving force, mobilising all stakeholders and encouraging dialogue between local authorities, public and private organisations, academia and the design community.

What is Design?

Design is about progress. It is the conceptualisation and creation of new things.

It’s about collaboration, culture, planning, people and prosperity – working together for a clever and creative future for all.
Designers imagine and make. They also research and think.

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