Industrial / Commercial

With over 5,200 business in the creative industry sectors in the region and hundreds more at micro business development stage, Geelong has a vibrant commercial design base.

From an automotive manufacturing background, the commercial industry of Geelong is rapidly changing. The Ford Motor Company has transitioned its workforce from factory production line to advanced automotive design and engineering excellence. The ManuFutures space at Deakin University is a purpose built advanced manufacturing innovation hub, supporting emerging businesses in the region. Innovation in advanced manufacturing has seen the region lead the way in carbon fibre, materials design and engineering.The Federal Mills, home to the Innovation Precinct in Geelong, is a collaborative space in the north offering intelligent workplace software and where the start-up and entrepreneurial community thrive.

The creative commercial sector is growing, with a range of artistic industries in various sub areas. From the 60s surf culture with Torquay based Rip Curl and Billabong, the region is now embracing new creative industries in art, craft, film and theatre.

Back to Back Theatre produces a range of challenging pieces, playing with design, light and sound and asking viewers to confront common assumptions about the world they live in. Back to Back Theatre is widely supported across Europe, with a growing fan base in Australia.

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