Celebrating Geelong’s UNESCO Creative City designation

19 Apr, 2024

Today, the City of Greater Geelong participated in an unveiling event for a new marketing initiative that showcases Victoria’s four UNESCO Creative Cities – Melbourne (Literature), Geelong (Design), Ballarat (Craft & Folk Art) Bendigo city and regions (Gastronomy).

We are proud to be part of the Victorian Creative Cities Network and to work together to progress local, regional, and international opportunities that provide economic, social, environmental, and cultural benefit to the Creative Cities of Victoria. 

Each city is rich with individual stories and combined we all create a State where creative people, ideas and enterprises thrive and where everyone has access to and benefits from a rich creative culture. 

With nearly a decade of recognition as Australia’s only City of Design, Geelong stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation within our nation and beyond.

UNESCO’S Creative Cities Network is an international program that recognises culture and creativity that contributes to sustainable development. The UNESCO designation is both a statement of intent and an international marker of quality.

As part of the City of Greater Geelong’s designation, each year, Geelong hosts Geelong Design Week as a celebration of the power of design. The flagship event showcases our design heritage and fosters crucial conversations on innovation and sustainability.

Through this and many other programs and initiatives, we welcome you to ‘Enter a Creative State of Mind’ and become absorbed in a world of design in Geelong.

Mayor Trent Sullivan:

The City of Greater Geelong is committed to leveraging creativity and innovation to build a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive city.

Our community’s vision is for Greater Geelong to be internationally recognised as a clever and creative city-region by 2047, and our designation as a Creative City propels us towards that goal.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to collaborating with our fellow creative cities – Ballarat, Bendigo, and Melbourne – to push boundaries, inspire one another, and shape a brighter future through creativity and innovation.