[Free webinar series] Designing Geelong

Online event

Revitalising Central Geelong partnership invites you to participate in a free webinar series hosted by Dr Jonathan Daly, Manager Urban Design & Heritage, City of Greater Geelong.

Featuring presentations by global and local experts, each webinar will be aimed at increasing understanding and awareness of how we can all contribute to the future of Geelong, regardless of our roles, ages or backgrounds.

Webinar 1: What is urban design?
What are the key principles and concepts in urban design that shape our cities and regions?
Wednesday 9 December
12 noon – 1pm
Presenters: Rob McGauran (Founding Director, MGS Architects) & Ludo Campbell-Reid (Director, City Design, Wyndham City Council)
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Webinar 2: Why the character of cities matters
What is the role of character and the value of landscape in defining the distinctiveness of a city and region? How can it provide the basis for, and contribute to, sensitive urban development?
Wednesday 27 January
12 noon – 1pm
Presenters: Dr David Rowe (Director, Authentic Heritage Services, Geelong City Council) & Leigh Woolley (Adjunct Professor, UTAS & Director, Leigh Woolley Architects)
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Webinar 3: What is ‘Place’ and the role of ‘placemaking’?
Why do we feel connected to some places and not to others? How can a sense of place better inform the design of our cities and regions and add value to our lives?
Wednesday 24 February
12 noon – 1pm
Presenters: Vanessa Walker (Placemaking Consultant and Director, Big Space) & Dr Emily Potter (Associate Head of School, Research, Deakin University)
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Speaker presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions.

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