Social / Cultural

Geelong is at an inflection point; ready to realise a vibrant, clever, creative future. As part of the transformation, the City of Greater Geelong embarked on a community consultation program that informed the City’s vision for the next 30 years.

‘By 2047, Greater Geelong will be internationally recognised as a clever and creative city-region that is forward looking, enterprising and adaptive, and cares for its people and environment.’

The changes in the City can be reflected in the growing focus on social services, such as health, social insurance and the creation of an inclusive, diverse and socially connected community.

The GROW – G21 Region Opportunities for Work program exemplifies clever design thinking. GROW is about creating new jobs, by asking organisations to choose to buy goods and services that contribute economically and socially to our local community (social procurement) and by injecting capital into businesses and not-for-profit enterprises in target communities (impact investment).

Part of growing our social and cultural capital, is in improving our local environment and developing sustainable solutions which protect the natural environment. Mountain to Mouth is an 80km arts and cultural walk which begins in the You Yangs and ends at the mouth of Barwon River and is held across two days. Mountain to Mouth has the additional aim of replanting Indigenous flora along traditional songline corridors so that the community can enjoy the walk for years to come.

‘Our “Green Corridor” strategy is connecting local communities and revegetation organisations together to care for the eleven songline corridors across the 80km walk, so that the region can retain its natural beauty.’

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