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We invite you to view other exciting projects happening within the Cities of Design Network

AUSTRIA: Parklets Design Competition, City of Design Graz

A competition to design parklets focused on high-quality, architectural interventions to create small creative hotspots that demonstrated how Four of the submitted concepts were implemented as prototypes in the city. Image credit: FIPE Architects. Learn more

BRAZIL: CAXIMBA, City of Design Curitiba

An urban intervention project in one of the poorest regions of the city, CAXIMBA is the construction of 1,150 new smart homes using clean energy, flood containment and urbanization, land regulation and a linear park. Learn more

BRAZIL: Coreto Digital, City of Design Curitiba

The Coreto Digital is an old bandstand built in 1915 that occupies a park in the city and has been rebuilt as a cultural space for visual arts shows, storytelling and performances. Learn more

BRAZIL: TV Escola, City of Design Curitiba

The city created TV Escola Curitiba during the pandemic so that the students enrolled in public schools could have access to the classes from their homes through open cable TV or YouTube. Learn more

CANADA: Saint-Laurent’s Biodiversity Corridor, City of Design Montreal

The Saint-Laurent’s biodiversity corridor is a competition to transition a human modified landscape into one with a new natural dimension. The project proposed a gradual introduction of biodiversity to the territory, ultimately creating an uncommon and resilient landscape, and advocating for maintaining spaces not meant for human use. Learn more

FRANCE: Bifucation, Choose the Essential, Saint-Etienne City of Design

As the theme for the 12th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, bifurcation (meaning to change or pivot) looks at the essentials of life – our relationship with living things, education systems, the design of objects and everyday life, town planning and architecture. Learn more

KOREA: Human City Design Award, City of Design Seoul

The Human City Design Award is an international competition that recognises projects (and their designers, either individuals or organisations) that support sustainable city ecosystems and tackle urban environmental issues. Learn more

MEXICO: I ask for the floor, City of Design Puebla

This three day event invites 217 boys and girls (one from each of Puebla´s 217 municipalities) from 9 to 12 years old to participate in workshops that reimagine the urban agenda and promote activities related to children rights. Learn more