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Aboriginal art symbol memory game

Wurri-Ki Culture

Learn from the oldest storytellers in the world. This handcrafted game uses Aboriginal art symbols to increase understanding of Aboriginal art and storytelling.

Suitable for all ages.

RRP: $60.00

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Dimensions (cm):

Wood, acrylic paint, wood sealer, canvas bag, paper, laminate

Sourced from:

Australia but outside Victoria

Primary place of manufacture:

Geelong, Victoria

Wholesale enquiries:
Wholesale available for approved retailers, contact the agency for more information.
Norm Stanley

About Wurri-Ki Culture

Norm Jurrawaa Stanley is a proud Aboriginal man with heritage to the Kurnai and Wotjobaluk people of Victoria. Having worked in cultural education for the past 30 years, Norm uses music, story telling and art to share stories of land, belonging and love of Aboriginal culture. He is a proud father of 5 children and follows in the footsteps of his ancestors by sharing the stories of land, life and culture through the many different art forms he practises.