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Hand forged black stainless steel cheese knife

Beach & Forest

The ultimate gift for a cheese lover!

These cheese knives are forged from stainless steel, which blackens in the forging process, leaving a timeless matte finish. Each knife is hand textured, with a rustic yet polished cutting edge crafted for both soft and hard cheeses.

Presented in a recycled leather slip.

Art with purpose, inspired by nature. Hand crafted, one of a kind tools for life.

RRP: $85.00

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Dimensions (cm):
21 x 4 x 1.5

Stainless steel, leather

Sourced from:

Geelong region

Primary place of manufacture:

Torquay, Victoria

Maria Frangiadakis

About Beach & Forest

Beach & Forest is a melting pot of Maria Frangiadakis’ passions – nature, cooking, travel, art, and the love of handcrafted metal and timber. Over her journey, Maria has worked and honed her skills alongside many masters of traditional trades and enjoys seeing these traditions live on through small, sustainable makers. Maria created Beach & Forest to make tools that were not only nice to look at, but have a purpose and inspire folks to appreciate the simple things.