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Indigenous sand art prints and canvases

Salty One

Using only his feet, local sand artist Lowell Hunter carves meaningful stories and symbols into the sandy canvas of local shorelines.

Salty One limited edition photographic art is Indigenous art photography created in sand on coastal areas and captured with a drone. These Artworks are then printed on fine art cotton rag photo paper or high quality canvas.

Various print sizes available.

RRP: $550.00

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Dimensions (cm):
65 L x 100 W

Cotton rag fine art printing paper and high quality canvas

Sourced from:

Geelong region and overseas

Primary place of manufacture:

Geelong, Victoria

Wholesale enquiries:
Wholesale available for approved retailers, contact the agency for more information.
Lowell Hunter

About Salty One

Lowell is a Nyul Nyul and Bardi man from the Kimberleys in Western Australia, he Grew up on Gunditjmara Country in Warrnambool and now lives on Waddawurrung Country, Geelong. Each place has kept him connected to the ocean. Lowell creates sand art using his feet and uses drone photography to capture the scale of his works within breathtaking landscapes. The stories he creates in the sand use the same foot movements he was taught through dance and the movements his people have practised for countless generations. The artworks tell stories of family, identity and connection. Lowell was taught his dances from the age of 10 and has performed in South Africa, China and New Zealand.