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Aboriginal glass art

Wathaurong Glass Ltd

These kilm formed, slumped glass pieces express Aboriginal art in beautiful glass. Each piece features a detailed design, varying from gatherings, animals, hand prints, spirits or made to order with customised design.

These products can come in four different transparent colours – blue, green, grey and clear – and are available in rectangle and square shapes, plus a smaller memento size. Ideal for corporate gifts or business events. Priced from $30.

RRP: $30.00

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Dimensions (cm):


Sourced from:

Geelong region

Primary place of manufacture:

Geelong, Victoria

Wathaurong Glass Ltd

About Wathaurong Glass Ltd

Wathaurong Glass Ltd is a not for profit business owned by Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative LTD which is an Aboriginal community control organisation. The company was established in 1998 and employs Aboroginal staff to produce unique Aboriginal art in glass products such as awards and trophies, platters, bowls and corporate gifts as well as kitchen and bathroom splashbacks and windows and doors.