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Me time candle

Destination Happiness

Take time out for relaxation with these camelia and lotus flower scented candles. Hand-poured by the sea in Torquay.

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Dimensions (cm):
9cm L x 9cm L x 12cm H

Non-toxic soy wax, all natural lead free cotton wicks, fragrant oils

Sourced from:

Geelong region

Primary place of manufacture:

Torquay, Victoria

Angie Hilton

About Destination Happiness

Geelong-born Angie Hilton created Destination Happiness as part of her journey to find personal happiness. Angie has made it her mission to uncover holistic approaches to happiness with a focus on mental health and well being through a lifestyle program for Channel 9. Following on from its early success, Angie has expanded Destination Happiness with a range of contemplation candles that remind us all to take time out and be kind to ourselves.