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Bells Beach Beanies

Bells Beach Lamb

100% Alpaca wool beanies. Our Beanies are made with all natural fibres and colours from our alpacas on our family farm in Bellbrae, Victoria which means it’s much better for our environment.

Alpaca wool is as soft as cashmere, four times warmer than sheep’s wool, hypo-allergenic and almost completely waterproof! Perfect for those cold days out!

RRP: $60.00

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Dimensions (cm):
20 L x 15 W x 7 H

100% Alpaca wool

Sourced from:

Bellbrae, Victoria Australia

Primary place of manufacture:

Bellbrae, Victoria Australia

Other information:

Personalised beanies also available!

David O'Brien

About Bells Beach Lamb

Since day one, Bells Beach Beanies has been working tirelessly in order to provide lovingly made, warm, pure natural beanies! They’re proud of how far they’ve come, yet remain committed to developing and providing an even better experience and product for their customers.