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The Compostable T-shirt

The Compostable Designer

This T shirt is 100% compostable and designed to smash the formula of fast fashion. Designed to wear well for longer, the Compostable T-shirt takes only four months to compost at the end of its life, reducing the impact of landfill. Dyed, cut and sewn in Geelong.

Various designs and sizes available.

RRP: $79.95

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Dimensions (cm):
Various sizes available

Made from Hemp and organic cotton. Organic cotton thread, low impact dyes, water based biodegradable screen printing. Plastic, polyester and lycra free.

Sourced from:


Primary place of manufacture:

Geelong, Victoria

Kelly Thomas

About The Compostable Designer

Not just a brand, The Compostable Designer is a social innovation movement focused on change. With a background in textiles, fashion, sewing and illustration design, Kelly Thomas set out to learn more about how and where we make clothing and change our ways of thinking around fast fashion. From farming, fibre production, design, packaging and manufacturing, The Compostable Designer puts people and the planet at the forefront of design.