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Shrub Syrups

The Curious Cabinet

Unlock your curiosity with elixirs and mixers for soda and cocktails.

The Curious Cabinet Shrub Syrups bring to life flavours that will transform your drinks. Based recipes from the old world, these elixirs blend the sweetness of fruit with the kick of apple cider vinegar.

Available in rhubarb, dark cherry and strawberry flavours, containing 100% natural ingredients.

250ml and 500ml bottles available.

RRP: $12.95

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Dimensions (cm):
14.5cm L x 6.5cm W

Fruit, cane sugar and apple cider vinegar

Sourced from:

Local and imported products

Primary place of manufacture:

Geelong, Victoria

Wholesale enquiries:
Wholesale available for approved retailers, contact the agency for more information.
Products created by Pia Cook, labels and branding by Studio Brave and Sean Kirkpatrick Designs.

About The Curious Cabinet

Pia Cook first started making Shrub Syrups when she was pregnant. It was the festive season, and she was looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to the delicious cocktails being consumed around her. She discovered the intriguing world of Shrubs through an article in a magazine, and decided to try making them herself. Once she tasted the sweet and tart concoctions she was hooked.

A love affair began, and in 2019 The Curious Cabinet was launched. Originally only available at farmers markets, you can now purchase The Curious Cabinet Shrub Syrups in stores nationally.

The business also makes jams and preserves from the fruit left over after straining the syrups, avoiding waste and making full use of all ingredients.