Code Souvenir Geelong

Frequently asked questions

What type of products will be included in CODE Souvenir Geelong?
CODE Souvenir Geelong products highlight the profile and creativity of designers in Greater Geelong. They are thoughtfully designed and crafted, high-quality products rather than mass-produced souvenirs. From practical household items to luxe fashion accessories and artisan delights, CODE Souvenir Geelong products evoke Geelong memories for the people who receive them – dignitaries, companies, special guests, visitors, friends and families. For product inspiration, visit the CODE Souvenir Montreal website.  
Are there specific requirements for CODE Souvenir Geelong products?

Yes. CODE Souvenir Geelong products must be:

  • Already existing and designed in the G21 region (they can be revamped or repackaged specifically to fit the Call for Submissions)
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry (by hand, in a suitcase or travel bag)
  • Produced to a high-quality (manufacturing and finishing)
  • Ready for sale (not under development)
  • Presented in packaging that highlights the item and the designer (for example, information could include the product name, its function, where it was made, the designer’s name and a short biography or description/ story about the creative process).
  • Usable as a decorative or practical product (please refer to product categories below) and can include artisan/edible items
  • Compliant with customs and airline regulations (this applies particularly to liquids and foodstuffs).
Who is CODE Souvenir intended for?
  • Organisations that work with designers directly, either to customise existing objects with their logo or develop a product that uniquely represents the organisation
  • Convention or event organisers wishing to offer attendees quality gifts or items by Geelong designers
  • Local accommodation operators who wish to value add to guest packages or provide an in-house souvenir shopping experience
  • Existing retailers, to give locals and visitors an opportunity to discover our region’s design talent and take home original, high-quality products and souvenirs from Geelong
  • Individual buyers who want to purchase locally designed products for themselves and their friends and family, knowing they are supporting Geelong’s creative industries.
Is there a cost to be involved in CODE Souvenir?

There is no cost to have your designed in Geelong product(s) included in CODE Souvenir Geelong.

Can I submit more than one product to be included?

Yes, up to three products may be submitted per designer/artist/producer as long as they meet the CODE Souvenir criteria as outlined in the Call for Submissions document.

You will need to submit an application for each product you wish to have considered for inclusion.

My product isn’t locally made, can I still apply?

Yes. CODE Souvenir is focused on products that have been designed in Geelong.

How can people buy my products through CODE Souvenir Geelong?

Products selected to be included will be promoted under the CODE Souvenir Geelong trademark. They will form part of the CODE Souvenir online (or hardcopy) catalogue. All sales will be diverted to the preferred point of sale (e.g. website or online store) nominated by the designer. There may also be an opportunity for some products to form part of a CODE Souvenir collection in selected retail outlets. Please note that participation in CODE Souvenir Geelong does not constitute any formal commitment from any buyer or organisation to order or purchase any item. Furthermore, each licensed point of sale/ retail outlet has the right to select – from the CODE Souvenir catalogue – only the product(s) they wish to display in their retail outlet according to what best suits their customer base and business.

What are the product categories for CODE Souvenir Geelong?

Categories include:

  • Home, living and décor
  • Books and stationery
  • Art
  • Toys and products for children
  • Luggage, travel and personal storage
  • Indigenous
  • Jewellery, fashion and accessories
  • Food and wine
  • Other
Who is organising CODE Souvenir Geelong?

This initiative is led by the City of Greater Geelong as part of our UNESCO City of Design designation.

CODE SOUVENIR  is an original concept developed by the Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design that promotes Montréal creativity to public- and private-sector institutional buyers and general public through a catalogue of gift items evocative of the city, selected following a call for proposals to Montréal designer-producers and publishers.

“CODE” is an acronym for City Of Design and represents a city’s unique nature. Copyright of Raban Ruddigkeit of the Berlin agency ®Ruddigkeit Corporate Ideas.

Do I need to be an established business or have ABN number to be involved?

Yes, this program is about boosting productivity, supporting employment opportunities and establishing sustainable economic growth in local creative industries post COVID-19.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?

All applicants will be notified by mid-December 2020.

How do I apply?

Please refer back to the main CODE Souvenir Geelong page or read page 5 of the Call for Submissions under ‘How to apply’.

For further information please contact:

Nerilee Jones, Business and Industry Engagement Officer, Economic Development, City of Greater Geelong

[email protected]